who we are

Black China Music Company, is the fastest growing HipHop and entertainment company based in Shanghai, China. BCMC is a collective of artists and technicians, including musicians, producers, DJs, singers, rappers, dancers, filmmakers and fashion designers, who share a love for true HipHop.

Black China Music Company是总部位于中国上海的发展最快的HipHop和娱乐公司。 BCMC是艺术家和技术人员的集体,包括音乐家,制作人,DJ,歌手,说唱歌手,舞蹈家,电影制作人和时装设计师,他们分享对真正HipHop的热爱。

Begun in 2016 by Skinny OG and Queen Diamond, BCMC has helped move the Hip-Hop scene in China from an underground Movement into the mainstream, by promoting a Foundation where hip hop enthusiasts could connect with REAL hip hop. BCMC’s flagship duo of OGxQD are now the most requested foreign HipHop show across China. Whether it is with live bands or local Chinese rappers, whether it is Rock’n’Roll, Reggae, Trap or Old School, the male/female duo of OGxQD harness an energy that is often compared to Jay-Z and Beyonce.

在2016年由Skinny OG和Queen Diamond开始,BCMC通过推广嘻哈爱好者可以与真正的嘻哈音乐结合的组合,帮助将中国的Hip-Hop场景从地下运动转变为主流。 BCMC的旗舰组合OGxQD现在是中国最受欢迎的外国HipHop节目。无论是现场乐队还是当地的中国饶舌歌手,无论是Rock'n'Roll,Reggae,Trap还是Old School,OGxQD的男/女二人组合都会利用经常展现出类似Jay-Z和Beyonce的能量。

BCMC is a pioneer in connecting Chinese and Foreign HipHop creators and supporters, through community events, music production, talent management, crowd-pleasing shows, and an ever-growing presence on Chinese radio and social media. BCMC’s vision is to become a well recognized global brand for HipHop, and our mission is to spread HipHop music and entertainment in all its forms, by continuing to build positive bridges between China and the rest of the world.

BCMC是连接中外HipHop创作者和支持者的先锋,通过社区活动,音乐制作,人才管理,令人赏心悦目的节目以及在中国广播和社交媒体上不断增长的影响力。 BCMC的愿景是成为HipHop公认的全球品牌,我们的使命是通过继续在中国与世界其他地区建立积极的桥梁,传播各种形式的HipHop音乐和娱乐。

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.
— Bob Marley